♔ o10; video ♔

[ The past few months have been a little rough on Rapunzel, but it takes a lot to get this girl down. She stands just outside her shop, "Shared Dream", filming the outside walls, painted with hundreds of... well, things. There's no rhyme or reason to it. But, there's not much time to focus on that as the person filming changes the direction on the camera on to her. ]

Hey everyone!

So if you're new or don't remember me, my name's Rapunzel! [ From her shoulder, a small green chameleon pops up, making a whining sound. Rapunzel laughs. ] And this is Pascal, one of my best friends!

I had a... project going on, I guess, where I painted the dreams of everyone in Vatheon! It worked for a while, but soon enough, people started leaving and... well, looking at this picture made me pretty sad.

But! [ She turns the camera back to the painting, speaking from behind it. ] I want to pick it up again! The whole meaning behind this store is to live out your dreams, so I figure it's only right to finish this painting.

[ The camera angle changes to focus on Rapunzel again. She has a fond smile. ]

Gosh, the last time I did this, Eugene was still around...

U-um, so with that all out of the way, I ask a question, Vatheon!

What are your dreams?

[ click!

♔ oo9; video ♔

Um. Hi, everyone.

[ someone's looking a little sheepish, huh? ]


Awhile back, I had two friends from home here in Vatheon. And we... well, got a really big house to fit us all comfortably. 

Thing is, both my friends left, so now it's just me and little Pascal over here. [ There's a gesture to her shoulder, where her pet chameleon lies. ]

I guess... We've both been kind of lonely, recently. We're used to living by ourselves, but in a house this big... it's quiet. It just seems like we're wasting away here, while all of Vatheon keeps moving around.

[ and... shortly, she's smiling! girl's got her spunk back, all of a sudden. ]

So! I was wondering if anyone wants to have a sleepover tonight! Me and Pascal did a lot of cooking and decorating, so everything is ready!

Look! We even have party hats. [ she moves the SFC up, to show little party hats on Rapunzel's and Pascal's head. ]

Just leave a message, and I'll tell you where we're at! It's going to be so much fun, so don't miss out!

[ click! ]

♔ oo8; video ♔

 [ screened so hard from Flynn ]

H-hey, everyone!

So um. I kinda need some help, but I'm not really sure who to go to, and... yeah! I was hoping one of you might be able to help me..?

I need some, uh. Kissing advice.

I mean, what even is a kiss? How do you start it? How do you... tell someone you want to kiss them? And then... how do you kiss them? I tried searching for books on it, but I wasn't really sure where I should start looking, or even what I was looking for...

Thank you in advance! I'd really, really appreciate any advice you have.

[ end screened ]

[ click! ]

♔ oo7; video ♔

 [ MP: 100
HP: 100

To those of you either tuning in via SFC, or are seeing her with your own eyes in the Middle District, Rapunzel is dancing. But it's not like her usual, very go-with-the-flow-y dance -- rather, it's much more choreographed.

Maybe a little odd for her, but still fun nonetheless.

She continues dancing ( in a brand new
outfit! ), small sparks flying from her bare feet. She seems completely at ease, letting her long hair fly out in such a way that she does get tangled up in it. 

If you listen and watch for just a moment longer, you'll hear Rapunzel begin to hum out a simple tune, her feet keeping time with her supplied music.

Bug her?

♔ oo6; video ♔

 Hey guys!

Do you remember that Easter event thingy I held awhile ago? Well, it's time to claim all your prizes! I think I got everyone's done, but if I missed anyone, feel free to leave me a message, and I'll get on it right away!

Thanks so much!

 [ And. If you were playing attention, you may have noticed a little speech bubble forming behind Rapunzel once she was finished talking. It's pink-y colored, with a bunch of hearts in it and, in the center there's an image of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider holding hands, looking at the sky. Her head rests of his shoulder, and at the same time, they turn to face each other, slowly leaning in --

-- the feed cuts!

♔ oo5; video ♔


So this coming Sunday is really really important! It's called "Easter Sunday", and it's a holiday when the Easter Bunny wakes up super early and hides eggs everywhere for little kids to find. He even used to come into my tower and put eggs all around my room, just for me to find!

But, the thing is, I'm not sure the Easter Bunny can reach us while we're so far under the water. So, I thought maybe we could make things easier on him, and hide and find our own Easter eggs! Of course, people who hide them can't find them, but that's all for tomorrow. For today, I need people to help me color the eggs! It'd be really boring if they were all white, right?

If anyone has time, I'm love if you'd stop by 'Shared Dream' and helped me color the eggs! It'll be super fun, and then tomorrow we'll get to hide them early Easter morning!
Thank you so much!

[ click!

... and then two minutes later -

Oh! Sorry, I forgot! 
But, there will be prizes for everyone who finds an egg, and maybe a little extra if you find one of every color! I only have blue, pink, yellow, and green paints, so... take that as a little clue!
[ click! ]

♔ oo4; audio ♔

 [ screened from Gamzee ]

Um, excuse me!

Hi, I'm Rapunzel, if you don't know me. I guess I'm...

Okay, I know Gamzee did some bad things, and I won't deny that. But he's one of my best friends! I refuse to believe he isn't truly sorry for what he did. He's a really sweet guy! I know it's kind of hard to believe but... I love him! Even with all he's done. Gamzee is Gamzee who's my close friend, and I wouldn't change him for anything!

But! As much as I'd love for everyone to forgive him, I can't really make you do that. The only thing I can do to help him right now, is to heal everyone who got hurt because of him.

Don't think of this as 'sweetening the deal', or anything. I'm not trying to force you to forgive him. I just know that he would like it if I offered, so here I am, offering to help anyone who has any remaining wounds that Gamzee caused.
... er, any wounds in general, I guess! I'll heal everybody, so stop by 'Shared Dream' in the Middle District!

[ end screened ]

[ filtered to Gamzee ]

Want to meet up? I just made a new painting I want you to see!

[ end filtered ]

[ filtered to Flynn Rider ]

Okay I actually really have something to tell you, and I won't forget about it this time. Okay?

[ end filtered ]

[ filtered to Akito ]

Um... how are you holding up? You feeling any better?

[ end filtered ]

♔ oo3; video ♔

 Hey everyone! [ Bright, bubbly, and cheery as always, Rapunzel smiles at the camera. ]

So you remember awhile back when I asked everyone of their dreams? Well, I finished painting them! You wanna see? [ It's not a real question, because Rapunzel pulls away from the camera, exposing a large wall with a huge tarp covering it. Pascal, her good chameleon friend, runs to the opposite side of the sheet, and they exchange glances, before smiling over at the SFC. ]

Ready? One... two... three! [ And on three, they both pull at strings supporting the tarp, and down it comes, exposing the wall behind them. A wall, that is, covered in seemingly hundreds of different drawings, all painted with elaborate details. Rapunzel squeals a little bit, before moving back to her recorder, smile never as big as it is right now. ]

So, in case you didn't know, I run a little shop here! Nothing too special, just a little place to hold art supplies and things like that. [ And jeez, she looks excited enough. ] It's called 'Shared Dream', and it's in the Middle District. If you have any time, please stop by! I made cupcakes and other sweet treats and it would mean so much to me if you came to support our official 'opening'!

Also, I know I don't have everyone's dreams, so if you have any you'd like to share with me, please feel free! I think this could be a really neat project if we got everyone's input on it! My name's Rapunzel and you can reach me over SFC anytime.

That's... it, I guess! Did you all like your drawings?

[ private ; locked to Flynn ]

Um... Eugene? Are you at the apartment right now? There's kinda something I want to tell you... If you have time, I mean!

[ End private. ]

[ private ; locked to Akito ]

I'm going to tell him, really this time! Wish me luck! 

[ End private. ]

[ ooc: Basic idea? Assume if you told Rapunzel your dream, it's on there and it's just lovely. c: If you haven't told Punzie your dream, don't worry! This whole thing is a constant work in progress that will never be finished, so you can request as many (or none at all) dreams as you want! o/ ]